Interview with Adil Jussawalla


In our interview with Adil Jussawalla, the former All-Indian PEN member discusses his relationship with Nissim Ezekiel, the banning of Rushdie’s Satanic Verses and the influence of Soviet intellectual culture on 1960s and 1970s Bombay.

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Interview with Salil Tripathi

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In our interview with Salil Tripathi, he discusses banned books, his work with PEN’s Writers in Prison Committee and censorship around the world today…

Interview with Salil Tripathi


Interview with writer and co-founder of the Indian Writers’ Forum Githa Hariharan 

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Interview with Elif Shafak

In our interview with Turkish novelist Elif Sharif, she discusses free expression in Turkey, being put on trial in Turkey for her book The Bastard of Istanbul and the importance of International PEN…



Interview with Margie Orford, President of PEN South Africa

In Part One of our interview, Peter McDonald talks to Margie Orford, President of PEN South Africa, talks about why she is sensitive about the topic of banned books, why she joined PEN and why freedom of expression is a global concern…

Interview with novelist and Director of International PEN Jennifer Clement

Listen to PEN International President discuss campaigns, gender and the future she sees for the PEN Club.

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Free Expression and the Alt-Right…